I am a Paleo eating, Yoga & Zumba enthusiast, heated blanket, puppy cuddling, Disney World lover!

I got diagnosed in 2008 with Crohn’s Disease  and little did I know my life would change. I have had my share of battles with different medicines, surgery, and overall life style changes. I do not ,( well, I try), not to let this disease get the best of me and run my life  and this honestly is how I try to live my life, take everyday day by day. When I learned to take things day by day and know I can not do everything, I was able to live and accept the fact I had to live with my disease.

I have spent so much of my time sick and being sick from side effects that I strive to be off any medicines (Remicade, antibiotics, and STEROIDS).  I try to better my body with natural approaches. My doctor really works with me and we have found a plan that has benefited me for the past 4ish years. With my diet and supplements I have been able to manage and it really is something I am passionate about living without the drugs.

While my organic approach has its downsides to living with an autoimmune disease, I realize I can not be with out modern medicine. I just like to limit what I put in my body .I get IV fluids every week and I have port. My veins are shot from the steroids and constant lab work. ( Perry has been a life saver). I am also in the process of being diagnosed with Endometriosis and this has been a battle in itself but it is all about learning how to live with what is being given to you and I love sharing and spreading awareness to autoimmune issues. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and most importantly can gain any insight!

I can not spell to save my life and grammar has always been a tough area for me. From my dyslexia to Spanish being my 1st langue. it always been a tough subject for me. I know its a downfall i have with this blog but i promise if you just listen to what I am saying it will all work out!

;Living Life Fearlessly and Gutsy;


Meet Perry the Platypus my power port ; )

( If you watch his show you know he is always missing like my veins! So this name fits my situation to a T)